Friday, September 25, 2009

This is so long over due!

Things have been kinda crazy since our wedding day! I don't have many wedding day pictures yet, but I do have our Honeymoon pictures! We went to the wonderful Amelia Island, and had a very relaxing special time together... It was perfect and we couldn't have asked for better weather for the four days we spent there. The food we ate was wonderful, and everything was just beautiful! So enough rambling... Here are some of my favorite pics from Amelia!

Us on our first day on the beach! It was beautiful!We ate at The Happy Tomato for lunch! It was very yummy!

I just love beach pictures!Is this not one of the most beautiful pictures ever! God's creation is Awesome!
It was kind of bright for this picture, but fun all the same!

Danny loves me so much! I feel so safe with his arm around me!
Taking pictures of boats is one of my weaknesses... I have a ton of them!Kissing the love of my life! The Lord blessed me with the most wonderful, kind, caring and gentle husband! He is so much better than I anything I was able to dream up in all my dreams of a husband, before marriage! Well, I hope you enjoy the pictures!

God Bless! Lisa Deal!