Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wow! So it has been awhile!

I am sorry it has been so long since I have updated my blog! Things sure can get crazy and time tends to fly by during those times. The Lord has been good though... Chase is doing well and with the help of a speech therapist her speech is getting clearer! In January I went on a 16 day trip to Colorado to visit some wonderful friends! It was a good time of rest and relaxation! The mountains were beautiful and I enjoyed snow shoeing as well as eating at some GREAT restaurants and shopping!

When I returned we had a couple of weeks of beautiful weather before it turned cold again... It is so nice when the Lord gives us encouraging warm days to let us know Spring is on the way! Chase and I enjoyed playing outside and having a picnic! I will share some pics of the past few weeks .

One of the first signs that Spring is on the way!

Chase taking Mia for a walk! This was so cute! I went inside to do something while she was walking Mia and after awhile I heard her crying and went running outside afraid Mia had drug her down the driveway, but instead I found that Mia had gotten tired and lay down and Chase couldn't get her to stand up. It was so funny!

Fun on the swing set!

Our Picnic! We had to eat on the swing set, because the dogs wanted our food!

Blowing Bubbles. :)

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