Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fun First Day!!!!!

Monday, September 1 was my first day keeping Chase full time!!!!!! I was so excited!!!!! I went and picked her up at 8:45 am and when I walked in the door she came running and squealing through the house so excited to see me!!!!! My family was having a Labor Day party at our house with friends and family, so needless to say we had so much fun!!!! My Grandfather cooked up a bunch of fish and we had tons of other yummy food to go with it!!!! After lunch we had a great time playing outside and some people went swimming in the pond!!! I am posting a few pics of Chase having fun! She had a great time playing with Josh, my cousin!!!! Thank you Josh for playing so nicely with her!!!!! She also got to play the piano with Mary and was excited that Mary helped her play Jesus Loves Me!!!!!

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Follower of the King said...

I think that today was one of the best memorial days we have had in a long time!