Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I so didn't believe Weather.com!, and my perfect Valentines weekend!

More than once this year Weather.com has promised us that we would get snow... Well, the day snow was forecasted for would usually dawn bright and sunny and WAY to warm for snow, or else it would rain like it was trying to wash GA off the map! But on February 12, 2010 snow finally came to Perry and Weather.com was RIGHT! It started snowing fairly early that morning at my Mom's house in Elko, so I was like " I had better head over there if I want to see any snow, cause I doubt it will make it to my house in Perry!" So, that is what I did! I didn't have any children to keep that day, so I went to Mom's house to relax! When the snow finally started to stick it was so pretty and everything looked so clean and white! Oh, and just for the record, it did snow in Perry too! Here are a few pics of our snow!!!

The Flag in front of my parents house!

Me having fun in the snow!

Mary and I in the snow!

Mom and Dad's house! So pretty!!!!

Our sweet little house!!! It looked so cute and pretty all covered in snow!!!
Our sweet dog Emmy loved playing in the snow!!!

At the start of the week I was having a rough day and my sweet, precious husband brought me home a beautiful rose to cheer me up!!! It was so pretty and I wanted to take a picture of it with my beautiful rings my husband gave me! So here they are!

Isn't it just Lovely!?

This was just a start to a perfect first Valentines for Danny and I as Newly Weds!

Before heading out to start our Valentines weekend Danny gave me a dozen BEAUTIFUL light pink rosebuds!!! They were soooo precious! We then left the house and headed to Kohls to find some new tennis shoes for both of us! We both found great deals on some really nice shoes! We then went out to dinner... Danny asked me to close my eyes while he drove to our restaurant so he could surprise me! When I opened my eyes we were at my favorite Thai restaurant! I had some very yummy Panang( Thai Curry with chicken) and Danny had Chicken and Steak from the Habatchi! We then went to the Mall to walk around for awhile to let our food settle and then headed over to Cold Stone for some Delicious ice cream!

My Beautiful Roses!!!
On Sunday ( the official Valentines Day) We both opened cards from each other and I gave Danny some new cologne... Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani! I have said for years, since the first time I smelled this AMAZING cologne that someday I would get my husband a bottle of it for Valentines Day! Needless to say Danny smelled WONDERFUL!!!! We went to my parents house, after church, for a nice lunch and some fun fellowship with friends and family... Then later on that evening we went to Danny's parents house to watch TV and Movies! So Our very first Valentines Day weekend was Amazing and Perfect!


Anonymous said...

Great pics, Lisa!
y'all are cuties!

Stephanie said...

sounds like fun! can't believe it snowed that much in GA! wow

LovingLegacy said...

Lisa, I love these posts! The pics of your rings/roses are beautiful and the snow images breathtaking... I am slightly envious! :) Thanks for blogging your sweet life...