Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What we did this weekend!

This weekend the weather was SOOOO beautiful! I had planned on just working inside the house and Danny had planned on picking up the sticks and branches that had fallen in our yard from the snow and also he thought about maybe painting our mailbox, so it would look nice as I am sure it has looked in former days. Well, when I looked outside and saw Danny picking up sticks in the back yard I got kinda jealous and decided to go outside and help him. We wound up racking/blowing the whole backyard! At the beginning of Fall we raked the whole front yard once the trees had lost all their leaves, but by the time we finished that we were burnt out on raking and never did the back yard... So, it really needed it! It was so nice to be able to work outside again! Our little dog Emmy stayed out there with us the whole time and barked at us and also ran thru the piles of leaves and wanted to play Frisbee and ball the whole time! It was quite funny!

Having fun with the blower! And yes I know I am dressed horribly! I am sure everyone driving by was thinking, Good grief that poor girl doesn't know how to match her clothes! Oh well!

Our playful dog!

She is one determined dog!

Danny picking up the leaves and taking them to the road.
We just relaxed for the rest of the weekend after doing this!

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Mia said...

I enjoyed your update, Lisa!!
lol Don't worry about what the neighbors think, you're creating memories working together (side by side) with your spouse...that's all that matters :)

In Christ,