Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A look at my summer...

As I look back on the adventures of my summer I am so blessed to have many pictures of the precious children I took care of!!! My days were spent swimming, playing outside, reading bible stories, having tea parties, going to the barn to see the horses, playing with the kittens and playing dress up... That includes dressing the dog up!! I have had a wonderful summer and am so thankful to the Lord for all He has given me!

The most used quote this summer was from Robert, and it was... " Thats so classic!" It was very funny most of the time he used it, because he would say it at a time when the situation wasn't classic... His sister would then say... " Robert! This isn't the time to say that!"... Then later in the day when something classic would happen Mary Claire would say... " Now you can say it Robert!" He would then get this BIG GRIN on his face and say while laughing uncontrollably... " THAT'S SOOO CLASSIC!!!!" My summer would have been so boring with out those children!

The children in these pics are Mary Claire, Chris and Robert! Chris is the child in the green swimming shorts and life vest, and Robert is the one in the red swim shorts! If you look real close in the background of the pic with the woods you will see a deer standing behind them!

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O. Morris said...

Hi Lisa! Those are some cute kids! I saw the deer in the photo, but I just thought it was fake:) I guess not...lol!