Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I was walking out to the pasture this morning to feed my horses and I happened to glance to the side of the well worn path between the barn and the pasture and noticed this beautiful little cluster of purple flowers... I am not talking about just a small cluster of flowers, I mean a really tiny cluster of flowers!! So I stopped to look at them closer. What I saw amazed me!!! Here in the midst of all the weeds and dead grass was a masterpiece that my Lord had created!!! All the tiny little flowers were so detailed and perfect!!! As I was looking at them it was like the Lord spoke to me through His handiwork and said... I can make the tiniest of flowers perfect and beautiful, trust Me to make you into a beautiful masterpiece to! I am so thankful for the tiniest of reminders that the Lord loves me and wants to help me to grow and be more like Him!!! I did get some pictures of the flowers and I hope you are able to tell how incredible they really are! My prayer for whoever decides to read this post is that you will let the Lord make you into one of His wonderful and beautiful masterpieces to!!!


O. Morris said...

Wow! What an encouraging post! I know that often I forget how awesome God can create a beautiful thing:) Love ya!

Lynn C. said...

I enjoy seeing God's handiwork in nature too! Plus, you're ring is so pretty up against the purple flower.
Have a wonderful day!