Friday, August 15, 2008

The Lord is SO Good!!!!!!

The past couple of weeks the Lord has really been teaching me to trust Him fully with everything in my life! I was asked about a month ago if I would be interested in keeping Chase full time instead of just two days a week, like I had all summer! I told Chase's Grandma that I needed to pray about it and I would get back to her... So I took a week to pray and think it over, and the Lord gave me such peace about taking this full time job! So I told her Grandma I would be glad to keep her! Well, Mrs. Bev ( Chases Grandma ) talked with Chase's parents and I found out last week that it was a definite YES that they would love for me to keep her!.. I was so excited and couldn't wait to start the following week... But as I am learning, not everything runs as smooth as I would want it to go!!! Austin, ( Chase's Dad ) called me to let me know that the day care Chase was going to required a 30 day notice before pulling the child out of their program! BIG CHANGE OF PLANS!!!!!!! I was nice and calm on the phone while Austin was telling me all this, but boy let me tell you when I hung up with him I started to panic!!!!! What was I going to do?! I had my car insurance coming up I needed to pay, I had promised my sister I would take her to the beach for a weekend, I have to pay for gas, my AAA was expiring and needed renewed, I have a bridesmaids dress to pay for, plus I need to get it altered... I tell you peoples I was a mess!!!!!! So I started praying!!!!!! I told the Lord... " I don't know why in the world all this is happening, but I know I need to trust you!!! Please Father give me peace about all this and help me to know you are going to take care of me!!!" I got out my bible and opened it up and there are so many scripture verses in there about the Lord taking care of His children!!! Well, a few days later Dad came to me and said " Let me call Gieco and see if I can get you a cheaper rate on your car insurance." After calling them and getting a quote he asked me how much I was paying the other company and it turned out to be about 200 dollars cheaper to go with Gieco, plus they have a road side service plan for only a dollar a month and it is a better plan than AAA!!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!! Then my friend who's wedding I am going to be in told me that because Davids Bridal messed up and didn't order our dresses when they told us they would, they gave us another discount on the dresses and the price is drastically lower than I was expecting!!! Now for the best part of it all... I got a phone call from Mrs. Bev today... She wanted to let me know that Austin had talked to Chase's day care about giving 30 days notice and found out there was a long waiting list to get into the school... So, in stead of making us wait 30 days, we only have to wait 2 weeks before she is allowed out!!!!! I was Praising the Lord!!!!!!!! So now I can take Mary to the beach!!!!!!! God is SO GOOD!!!!!!! I hope by reading this rather long post that you will be encouraged!!!! The Lord Loves You and will ALWAYS take care of You!!!!! It might not always work out how you want it to, but He will make sure that you are taken care of!!!! Matthew 6:34 says... Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own troubles.


A.J. Morris said...

I'm so happy for you! The Lord is so good! I have experienced learning to trust Him through hard situations, and then He did the same kind of miraculous thing for me! Trust, trust, trust's a hard lesson to learn!

Follower of the King said...

That is so neat! I am glad you have a blog now so that I can see what is going on in your life. lol we live in the same house but I seldom get to see you. I guess that is part of growing up :( I know what you mean. God is amazing!!